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Trust American Time to help you repair or replace your clocks.

  • Need parts to repair your building's clocks?

  • Time to replace an old brand-name clock with a new one?

  • Short on time and need an expert to fix your clocks?

We can help!

Our experts have over a century of combined experience repairing clocks, replacing clocks and helping customers find the right part for their clock repair project.


American Time Repairs Clocks


We have more than a century of combined experience repairing major clock system brands. Have the American Time Clock Experts fix your clocks and sophisticated time systems when you are short on time.

All American Time repair services are backed by 1- and 2-year warranties.
(depending on clock type and components)




Find Parts to Repair Your Clocks

Browse our large inventory of clock movements, motors, parts and accessories. 

Clock Movements - Replacement movements and kits for corrective and non-corrective clocks.

Clock Motors - Replacement motors for mechanical clocks. Select by RPM and rotation direction.

Clock parts and accessories - A variety of clock parts, batteries, brackets, hangers, and accessories.

Battery Packs & Batteries

A single battery-operated clock typically requires a new battery every year to help prevent it from losing time. Our battery booster packs for American Time clocks extend the time between battery replacements up to 5 years! Shop batteries direct or replace battery packs as needed.

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I’ve had good service from American Time for more than 25 years. They have the parts I need for different clock systems all under one roof. I appreciate their stock of hard-to-find parts and that they support time systems no longer supported by the OEM manufacturers.

Craig Larson
Columbia Heights Public Schools


AllSync Plus® Replacement Movement Kits

Revitalize your clocks with our popular movement kits. These AllSync Plus® replacement kits come with the parts required to replace traditional, mechanical movements for Lathem, National, American Time, Simplex and Standard Electric clocks.


Lathem & National Time

Replacement Kit – ASKIT01



Replacement Kit – ASKIT02


Standard Electric

Replacement Kit – ASKIT03

Kit Example

ASKIT02 for Simplex


  • AllSync Plus solid-state movement
  • Hour, minute, sweep hands
  • Adapter bushing
  • 6" ground extension
  • Wiring harness
  • Washers/nuts
  • Dustcover assembly


Watch the Installation Video ASKIT01 (Lathem, National)


Other AllSync Plus Kit Videos

Short On Time?

Order a Replacement Clock.

Replace failing clocks on your existing wired clock system with a brand new AllSync Plus clock. You’ll get an up-to-date solid-state movement that replaces traditional mechanical movement and uses up to 80% less energy. With an American Time replacement clock, you can upgrade your old clock with a new clock that looks like the original.

We offer AllSync Plus replacement clocks for these clock brands:

  • Cincinnati  
  • Lathem            
  • Dukane                         
  • Edwards                       
  • Faraday
  • Sapling
  • Simplex
  • National
  • Honeywell
  • Standard Electric Time
  • Stromberg
  • MidWest Time

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Replacing a Clock System?

Schedule a consultation with one of our clock experts. They will help you design the ideal clock solution for your facility.