How are you managing news, alerts & emergency notifications on your campus?

If you have multiple vendors and systems for clocks, digital signage, severe weather alerts, fire alarms or lockdown notifications, then you’re spending a lot of time and money managing that complexity.

What’s more, most of the systems may not communicate with each other, leaving you with an unconnected network that can’t meet your daily needs – or during a time of emergency.

EverAlert provides a single, multi-functional platform and user interface for communicating emergency alerts, routine digital signage and synchronized time.



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Emergency/Safety Notification System

Keep critical communications clear and timely during threats.

  • Displays alarms and weather alerts
  • Customized messages with tones
  • Automatically alert campus or community authorities for rapid response

Digital Signage

Improve communication and tailor messages by audience.

  • Deliver messages campus-wide, by building or individual room
  • Displays date and current weather
  • Customizable screen layouts

Synchronized Clock

Ensure everyone is on the same, precise time

  • Analog or digital clock image
  • Synchronized with online devices
  • Configurable features include common area or individual room countdown timers


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Why EverAlert?

In the News Product Overview Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Faster, clearer, customizable communications and emergency notifications
  • Ensure timely reaction to important content
  • Integration with existing systems enables consistent communication across your campus and to local authorities
  • Flexible messaging options deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time

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The fact that EverAlert can serve multiple functions really impressed me, from displaying news and lunch menus to alerts and emergency's really unlimited.

- Chuck Ehler, Superintendent

Rushford-Peterson Schools


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