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The EverAlert communications platform saves organizations time, money and complexity when managing critical communications and safety notifications. It is the single solution that improves safety, connection and efficiency throughout a building or campus.


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Who Uses EverAlert?

Many industries have discovered the benefits of daily messaging, emergency notifications and synchronized time.


Deliver instant, clear news and emergency notifications in large settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.

K-12 Education

The EverAlert platform saves schools time, money, and complexity when managing critical communications and safety systems.


In health care settings, such as clinics and hospitals, EverAlert effectively delivers instant, clear news, and emergency notifications.


Whether you have a staff of five or 5,000, EverAlert deploys efficient communications throughout an office building or entire corporate campus. 

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The Power of EverAlert 


EverAlert is a multi-functional communication platform that delivers digital messaging, emergency notifications and synchronized time across your facility.



Digital Signage

  • Deliver clearer daily messages and tailor communication by audience or department
  • Communicate with audio, sound and visual cues to reinforce key messages
  • Customize the screen layout
  • Landscape or portrait orientation

The cloud-based EverAlert management portal allows your team to create, control, and schedule messages, daily news and emergency alerts.




  • Keep critical communications clear and timely during threats
  • Integration with systems like fire, P.A. and lockdown create seamless communications in an emergency
  • Weather ADVISORIES show as banners  – WARNINGS flood the entire screen
  • Automatically alert campus or community authorities for rapid response


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Emergency Notifications

Customized for your facility.



Synchronized Time

Ensure everyone is on the same, precise time.

  • Digital or analog clock options
  • Synchronized with other online devices
  • Configurable features include common area or individual room countdown timers
  • Scheduling capabilities

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Which EverAlert works for you?

There's an EverAlert product to fit your needs.


Dynamic Display

An integrated 22" visual display that combines multiple systems to support and extend organizational messaging and emergency notifications.

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Dynamic View

A smart media player that allows you to display EverAlert emergency alerts, communications, and information on large-format TV displays.

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The device that bridges communications between third-party alarms/notifications and the EverAlert emergency communication platform.

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Dynamic Display

Mount horizontally or vertically depending on preference and available space. Choose a traditional clock face (analog) or digital LED display with 4- or 6-digits. Custom messages and alerts will automatically display in banner or full-screen formats.

  • Date temperature, and weather information
  • Programmable daily messaging
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity


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Dynamic View


Organizations can use existing TV displays to communicate daily messages, synchronized time, and emergency alerts. Ideal for large conference rooms, break or lunchrooms, common areas, and gymnasiums.

  • HDMI output
  • Supports HD, large-format resolutions
  • Connect to the online management portal via Ethernet port or Wi-Fi


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When an alarm is activated from your existing system, the appropriate message will display on EverAlert monitors. The EverAlert platform can also send an alert notification, via text or email, to key personnel.


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Manage & Control

The EverAlert management portal allows your team to create, control, and schedule the messages, news and emergency alerts that are critical to your organization.



  • Use preloaded message templates to create your custom communications
  • Create time-synchronized messages with the intuitive scheduler
  • Integrate your alarm systems for instant communication within your building and with authorities
  • Schedule and deliver daily news and emergency information to the right audience at the right time

“We especially like the alert and safety notifications of EverAlert that allow us to inform classrooms of a lockdown drill, fire alarm, severe weather, or anything else we want to program into the system. The teachers appreciate EverAlert’s ability to display analog or digital clock times, the daily school news and even classroom-specific messages like upcoming test reminders. EverAlert is a cost-effective communications tool that we use every day and not only in times of emergencies.”

Chris Staloch, Superintendent

Blooming Prairie Public Schools


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