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The EverAlert system saves schools time, money, and complexity when managing critical communications and safety notifications. It is a single solution that improves safety, organization, and efficiency throughout a school or campus.


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The cloud-based inCloud Management Portal allows your faculty to create, control, and schedule daily messages, event schedules, critical emergency alert information and much more.


AGWSR Schools

See how EverAlert became their all-in-one communication solution during a major renovation.


Palmdale Aerospace Academy

Read how EverAlert reflects and has tranformed their school's culture.

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The "I Love U Guys" Foundation

Learn how EverAlert and American Time are helping to make schools safer.

“We especially like the alert and safety notifications of EverAlert that allow us to inform classrooms of a lockdown drill, fire alarm, severe weather, or anything else we want to program into the system. The teachers appreciate EverAlert’s ability to display analog or digital clock times, the daily school news and even classroom-specific messages like upcoming test reminders. EverAlert is a cost-effective communications tool that we use every day and not only in times of emergencies.”

Chris Staloch, Superintendent

Blooming Prairie Public Schools

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