Try Before You Buy 
Give Wi-Fi Clocks a Free 30 Day Trial

Try one of our Wi-Fi clocks in your facility with no obligation to purchase so  you can see first-hand the benefits of synchronized time.

Wherever there is a Wi-Fi signal for your mobile, you can have accurate, synchronized time. Molded-Wi-Fi-clock-with-icon

What are the Benefits of a Wi-Fi Clock?

  • Accurate time throughout your entire building or campus
  • Easy instructions for self-configuration
  • Easy to manage – all you need is a WLAN
  • Automatic updates for daylight saving time
  • Staggered wake times for unnoticeable bandwidth impact
  • Wi-Fi, FCC and ICES certification and RoHS compliance with an SNTP time reference

The clock will arrive with the hands homed at the 12:00 position. The hands will automatically move to the correct position, once it receives the time from your network. (The clock will need to be configured first)

To get started with your no-obligation trial, simply complete and submit the form to the right and of our time-keeping advisors will contact you shortly. Please note: this offer is only available for organizations and not intended for individual consumers. Offer available in the Continental United States only.

*Trial is only available for US and Canada