Achieve Synchronized Time on a Budget.

You’ve heard it in complaints from staff and upper management has given you the green light — it’s time to update your facility’s clock system.* When searching for a new system, knowing what timekeeping solution is best for your facility can either save or cost you time and money. 

*Note: PoE Network clocks feature a buzzer system that can be synchronized to your facility's unique schedule of shift changes and breaks.

For Maintenance-Free Operations Choose American Time Power over Ethernet & Wi-Fi Clocks


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The Benefits Of Network Clocks

Also known as IP network, Ethernet or NTP clocks—are the standard in synchronized time.
American Time gives you a choice between wired (PoE) and wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity. Benefits include:
  • More affordable: No master clock needed
  • Maintenance-Free
    • No electrician needed — easy installation
    • PoE clocks require no battery and Wi-Fi clock batteries will last for up to five years.
  • Digital and analog options
  • PoE Buzzer clocks have scheduled alerting
  • Uses alternative power source
  • PoE and Wi-Fi clocks belong to the same family
    • Both can be used at the same facility for a hybrid system