Replace Your Old Mechanical Clocks with AllSync Plus® Clock Technology

AllSync Plus solid-state clocks provide incredible accuracy, cost savings, and a three-year warranty when you make the move.


Don’t Be Left Behind with Old Clock Technology!

Many of the old mechanical movements used in legacy wired clock systems are no longer made. But never fear! For nearly two decades, we’ve offered an energy-saving and cost-effective alternative: American Time AllSync Plus Clocks. These solid-state, highly accurate clocks are the perfect option to replace your old or broken legacy clocks.

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AllSync Plus clocks intelligently adapt and automatically read the correction signal from your master clock system - no manual adjustment necessary.


AllSync Plus clocks replace the following legacy brand clocks:


8 Reasons to use AllSync Plus
Replacement Clocks

  • Classic Design: Match the current look and design of your existing clocks.

  • Affordable: The average price of AllSync Plus clocks is around 28% less than mechanical clocks.

  • Accurate: AllSync Plus clocks are accurate to +/- 1 second of the clock system controller.

  • Battery Back-Up: AllSync Plus clocks provide 15 minutes of backup power in the case of a temporary power outage.

  • Solid-State Technology: Installed with a solid-state circuit board, AllSync Plus clocks have fewer moving parts to wear out and use up to 80% less energy.

  • Flexible: Keep your existing wired system and replace defective clocks as needed.

  • Three-Year Warranty: AllSync Plus clocks carry a three-year warranty, compared to just one or two years for traditional mechanical movements.

  • Lifetime Technical Support: We’re here to help if you have questions! Call us at 800-328-8996.





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American Time is the Best Choice to Replace Your Mechanical Clock.

“The quality of the American Time clock was far superior to that of some of their competitors who were actually charging a higher price.”

Jon C.
Director Information Technology

“Not having to reset clocks by hand after time changes, power outages, etc. We replaced our old, outdated Edwards wired clocks and now we have clocks that keep perfect time! I wish more companies had service like yours.”

Dennis E.
Asst. Plant Manager


“American Time service associates are the easiest people to work with. You go all out when helping customers determine what is really needed. You provide timely information and great pricing."

Chris L.
Facility Manager


Make the Move to Solid-State!

AllSync Plus Replacement Clocks: Precision engineered, solid-state, highly accurate clocks are the perfect option to replace your old or broken legacy clocks. Make the move today!


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