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Which System is Right for Your Facility? Here's the breakdown:

  • Network Clocks: Also known as IP network clocks, Ethernet clocks and NTP clocks, these time systems are setting the standard in synchronized time. Products include: PoE (Power over Ethernet) and Wi-Fi network clocks. Both options offer lower installation and operation costs, eliminate the need for electrical outlets, and ensure accurate time on all clocks in your facility.
  • Wireless Clock Systems: SiteSync IQ® seamlessly integrates your new wireless clock system with your existing wired system clocks. Available with optional signal circuits and wired clock circuits so you can run portions of your existing system, including bells, wired clocks, lights and more.
  • Wired Master Clock System: The AllSync IQ® is the perfect replacement for a diminished master clock since it works with the clocks you have as well as with new replacement clocks. Our master clock not only provides synchronized timing and control with these secondary clocks, but also with bell signals and electrical circuits. The AllSync IQ® master clock also automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST).
  • Stand Alone Wall Clocks: Stand alone wall clocks are non-synchronized clocks that can be digital, battery, or radio controlled clocks. Offering a variety of features which can include automatically adjust for daylight saving time or provided long-distance visibility. 
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